Five amazing travel tips you must know

There are many articles online about travel hacking and tips, and everyone has their favorite. Some will help you save money, time or space and some will just help you feel more comfortable while traveling. We have compiled a list of our favorite tips that might just do a bit of all of them. Here is a choice of our five favorite must-know travel tips.

Accommodation booking

With so many internet sites offering accommodation at reasonable prices, the best would be to book a private room or apartment especially if you are traveling with family. You can try two of the possibly most favorite sites nowadays or AirBnB. Here you will also find hotels at good prices or as mentioned private rooms/flats for all the comfort you are looking for. A great thing about these two is you can filter and specify accommodation according to your needs, such as parking space, breakfast included or the distance from any other desired location.

Packing smart

If anyone has ever given you this advice and you did not follow through, reconsider doing it. Rolling clothes when packing actually works and helps you fit in more in your luggage. Check out our previous blog about most common travel mistakes and best advice how to avoid them, including how to not pack like you are never coming back.

Flight booking

Many sites can help you find great flight deals, and we have covered the topic before however do not also forget to sign up for airlines newsletters, so you are always informed when there is new sale or promotion in place. Also, getting the perfect seat can make a huge difference during traveling. A site like SeatGuru helps you examine every detail of an airplane seat so you can find out whether you will be close to a bathroom, can you can count on power outlets, where the seat is located and much more.

Invest in WiFi

Some airlines do not offer in-flight WiFi and if you are traveling for more than 5 hours, then make sure you buy it before you board. The free entertainment that airlines offer on long distance flights might just not do it. Your time will pass faster, and you will stay connected to your loved ones, probably even those waiting for you at your final destination. Besides, if you are on a business trip, you can complete any pending work.

ATM’s and bank cards

Especially if you are traveling internationally, it is essential to give a call to your credit or debit Card Company before you travel so they can authorize your card for use in a foreign country. This will save you some stress and time, as most of these companies would block your card once you attempt to use it in an international location. Of course, unless you let them know it is you. Also, avoid using exchange offices at the airports, they will have their fees and exchange rates which might be a rip off in some cases. Rather use ATM’s and get some local currency. You can check your Banks rates before traveling.


We hope these travel hacks can assist you on your travels. However, we are sure you have some of your own to share. Feel free as we always like to hear a new useful tip.


Manigo Team, July.2017

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