Why are you not traveling more? Five most commonly used excuses

While some people use all disposable time to go and explore the world, others spend as much time making excuses why they are not traveling more. For some reason, most people will limit themselves to only one vacation in a year and use any other free days for staying home or not going too far from it. We have heard all sorts of excuses why it is so and what stops them from more adventures, but we find these five below would win the prize if ever there was a contest.

No money

This one is everyone’s favorite, and people will always complain there just is not enough money to travel. However, if you would stop for a moment and calculate all the money you spend on excessive amounts of clothes and shoes you probably do not need at that point, you will find that you need to start resisting those shopping sprees. And this is just one example.

Even if you sacrificed the little things one at a time, you could end up saving real money each month, which could take you a long way if you find the right flights.

I do not want to go alone

We have covered this one before, and there is nothing wrong with traveling alone. You just have to find the right way to do it. With no one coming with you, you have the absolute freedom to do things when you want them and how you want them. At the same time, traveling alone does not mean being alone all the time. As you are experiencing new places, you will meet other solo travelers, some of whom you may end up drifting around with for a while and who may just become some of your friends for life.

There is just not enough time

Vacation usually sums up to a 20 or more days of summer vacation. However, you can always combine some days off with Saturday and Sunday and escape somewhere you always wanted to go. Moreover, wherever you live, there are always national or religious holidays you can use to the same purpose. It is probably all about planning. Plus, coming back home after such a break will brighten up your hard working days.

I do not like flying
Most of us usually relate traveling to flying, which is mostly the case, however nowhere does it say you have to fly to travel to the destination of your dreams. If you fear flying then that could be your choice. Find a destination you can reach by car or a boat. It just takes a bit of planning, and you can get a way to go to many places without involving air travel.

I will do it some other time
With this kind of mindset, you will never travel anywhere because that is what you probably said the last time you saw an excellent travel offer. Not being ready for a trip is not a legitimate reason to stay home and if you feel that there is a place you want to see, then start packing right away and be determined to get there as soon as possible.

Life is too short for any excuses, especially those kinds that could enrich you for a great travel experience. You should go out and explore the world, tailored to your possibilities and needs.


Manigo Team, July 2017.

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