Best Tech Travel Accessories 2017

It’s summer vacation time, and we’re here to help you have the best one yet. When packing, it is helpful to have a list of things you plan to bring with you just in case so you do not forget anything that you might need on the way. It’s no doubt that when it comes to clothing you are all set, however we have decided to create a list of top 5 tech travel accessories that might help you have a more comfortable and carefree vacation.

  1. Smartphone

We live in a digital age, and smartphones have become a part of our everyday life. It has made our life tremendously easier, and it will do the same for your travels. Bringing your smartphone with you is essential as it will be with you to capture all those beautiful sunsets and breathtaking ocean views. Some may like smartphones, and some may be against them, however one is certain – it captures those perfect moments for you and it is a life hack.

Smartphones now have a lot more apps that ever before, and they can help when travelling. Download Google Maps so you can easily find you way, use TripAdvisor to make sure you do not miss anything worth visiting and stay in touch with your friends and family back home by using some of the messaging apps. Today, we have a wide range of apps that can make everything a lot easier. Just visit Google Play or App Store and browse, you will definitely find something you never even knew excised that can make your vacation carefree and much more pleasant.

  1. A Portable Charger

If you plan to be out of your hotel room all day, it is a good option to have a portable charger with you in case your phone battery runs out. If you plan to do a lot of sightseeing, not having your camera and map with you make it a lot harder to have a fun voyage.

  1. Tablets and e-readers

If you are a book worm and love reading books while laying on the beach, tablets and e-readers are the perfect travel accessory for you. Brining a tablet instead of a lot of books will give you some extra space in your travel bag, and you do not have to worry that you might lose some of them. Another great thing about tablets and e-readers is that you have a much larger choice and in case you change your mind about a book you want to read, no worries, it’s right there with you.

  1. Headphones

Headphones are an amazing accessory to bring with you if you are a big music fan or just want to cancel the noise around you. When on the beach, you might not want to bring them with you, however during your long flights or bus rides they are a life saver.

In case you want to sleep all the way there, or just relax while listening music this is the perfect accessory for you.

  1. Laptops

Smartphones and tablets have a lot of power and storage, so there is no need to bring anything more with you, however, in case you want to do some light work while on vacation or maybe catch a few episodes of your favorite show, bringing a lap top is not such a bad idea.

Laptops today are much more powers and a lot smaller than they used to be, so they will not take up a lot of space and will be easy to carry around with you.

When we travel, we want to relax as much as we can and forget about everything. Some may thing that leaving all technology at home is one of the best ways to do that, however if you need some extra help on your vacation or if you are simply a tech fan like we are, brining a couple of gadgets is not a bad option.

Share with us some of your favorite tech travel accessories. We would love to hear.

Manigo Team, June 2017

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