How to stay stress-free and safe abroad: Our top 5 favorite tips

Traveling to a foreign country is always an amazing experience and a great opportunity to learn more about life, new cultures and ourselves. Travel is also a passion for many people who save every cent to be able to explore new destinations and enjoy perfect sunsets somewhere far from home.

While some people tend to stay in their “comfort zone” by going to the same location every time, others choose places they have never been to before.  That is where an extra caution comes under the spotlight, as chances are you know nothing about the adventure you are about to embark on.

Reading reviews or tour guides on the internet is one thing. Being physically in a new country is what will give you a real picture of the location. To accomplish your dream travel experience and come back home satisfied and ready for a new adventure, safety should be on the top of your priority list.

We are presenting you with five of our top safety picks for traveling abroad that can help you have the best voyage possible while in a foreign country.

 Get travel insurance

Investing in travel insurance is the best precaution measure you can take, as your regular insurance will probably not cover travel adventures to foreign countries. This way you will not only keep yourself and your property safe but also your finances. Can you imagine a doctor’s bill should anything happen to you somewhere in the world?

Also, better safe than sorry: keep your cash and credit cards in more than just one place. In case your wallet is stolen or lost, you have something to hang onto.

Have your accommodation address handy

Having the correct address of your accommodation can take away a lot of stress. It can be upsetting not being able to get to your hotel or apartment when you arrive in a foreign country. Also, when we say have it handy, we mean besides your phone have it also written down on paper, or print out your reservation. This way in case your smartphone battery goes empty, you are covered. An extra tip would be to write it down in the local language, might help when trying to get to your vacation home.

Be aware of your surroundings

It is no surprise many people choose to travel alone or with people who would rather sit by the pool and enjoy the sun. Both ways, if you are exploring on your own, be extra cautious. Look for other tourists and stay close to them or make new friends for the day. People who walk alone easily become targets for muggers. In this sense, avoid wearing expensive jewelry or a lot of money on you, as this is how you become an even more desirable target.

Inform yourself about the culture and traditions

What is normal and acceptable in your country and culture might not be in the place where you are headed. Read and inform yourself about any dress or behavior codes that could be in place. Most countries have no restrictions or rules but just in case, to avoid any unpleasant situations lean what you can about your destination.

Also, if you want to use public transportation, make sure you understand how it works beforehand. It can be hard to travel through the city you have never been to, especially if you are unfamiliar with the local language.

Local currency

It is always a good idea to prepare yourself in this sense. Change some money into a local currency before you make your way, as you never know what you could run into. Maybe credit cards are not accepted, or there is no exchange office nearby at the airport. It will keep your mind at ease and probably save some stress in case you need cash for transportation.

Our recommendation is to plan accordingly and on time as traveling should be fun and relaxing.

We would be happy to hear some of your experiences, tips, and tricks for a smooth journey!


Manigo Team, June 2017


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