We all do it: Most common travel mistakes and how to avoid them

Every trip, no matter how detailed it was planned, carries an amount of risk and surprise factors with them. There are things we often forget to consider before making our way to what is supposed to be a “planned” vacation. However, do not judge yourself too soon because most travelers (even the frequent ones) tend to ignore same things repeatedly.

Let us point out the most common mistakes travelers have made a time or two and you might be off to a good start for your next trip after reading it.

You cannot see everything in one trip

You do not have to see the whole country/city on your visit because there is no way you can accomplish it, unless it is a yearlong vacation. Planning something like that will leave you disappointed at the end of your trip. Be flexible, book an organized excursion or two. However, leave yourself some time to follow simple tips from locals or hotel staff and explore on your own. This approach will most likely make you happier and feel like you have accomplished your goal.

Booking flights with short layovers

When going through an airport you are not too familiar with, you might be forced to rush through it and may not catch the next flight. Flights are delayed and canceled all the time, and it happens to everyone at some point. So always check the layover time and book flights with a safe buffer in between. What goes along is an unnecessary hassle to rummage through your bags for your flight itinerary.  If you can, keep your itinerary in a pocket of a bag or keep an electronic copy on your phone.

Not Checking Visa Requirements

Inform yourself about visa requirements for any country you are traveling to. Use this one or any other similar site to get the right info.  It is better to come prepared than to be turned away at the border and finish your trip before it begins.

Packing like you are not coming back

Easier said than done, however, try to pack only what you will use, not what you think you might use. As much as you wish to bring an outfit for every occasion before you pack think of the weight limit and luggage fees. It would be good if you could follow a simple rule: Pack your bag as usual and then review everything you have added to the bag and try to reduce the load a little bit more. You probably know you will not wear all the clothing you packed and remember you can also do laundry on the road. This site will give you great packing tips and you can also browse the internet and find many more tips that are useful: TRUSTED TRAVEL

Do you know your mobile phone plan?

Unless you want to be unpleasantly surprised with your mobile phone bill when you come back home, we suggest checking what your mobile phone plan looks like and what it covers. To avoid data roaming fees, turn off your data before you get on the plane and leave your phone on airplane mode. You will still be able to connect to wifi and if the data is important to you, consider buying a local SIM card upon your arrival. Also, check more tips on data roaming and fees here Avoid data roaming.

Not notifying your bank you will be traveling is a bad idea

If you do not notify your bank ahead of time that you will be using your Credit or Debit card abroad, you can expect your account to be frozen the first time you try using your card abroad. On the same note, find out if they charge a foreign transaction fee, to avoid any bad surprises.

Don’t disregard the budget and run out of money

What can help here is making a realistic budget for your trip and sticking to it entirely. However, always leave some room for unexpected expenses. You can never know if you will need extra cash to rebook a flight or a hotel or buy some new clothes because the airline lost your bag.  At the end of the day, it is always better to be prepared for the unexpected.

Keep your feet on the ground

When going on a trip, keep an open mind so you find it easier if any obstacles come your way. Even if you make any of the mistakes we mentioned, keep enjoying your travels and try doing better next time.


Manigo Team, May 2017

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