Should you buy travel insurance or not?

You are booking a trip and you are asking yourself:”Should I get travel insurance?” You are not a loner. A good number of people will admit they do not always have it, as travel insurance is not really on top of our priorities when booking a journey. We all go by thinking: “What can go wrong? I have it all planned out”. However, if you read some of the travelers’ experiences abroad, paying out some cash for travel insurance is a smart move.

With a positive outcome in mind that nothing will go wrong, travel insurance can at least give you a piece of mind that if anything unexpected happens, it will protect you against incidents that could otherwise be financially catastrophic.

Where do I get it?

It is easy to purchase travel insurance plan. Your source can be the airline you are flying with, cruise carrier directly (if you choose a ship), your travel agent or even your credit card company.There are numerous types of travel insurance, and chances are you possibly already have some travel coverage from your travel operators or credit card companies. Before you book, explore if you do already have a travel insurance, because these free benefits may be just enough for you!

We cannot give you the answer should you or should you not; it depends on what kind of trip you are up to. What we can do is give you few reasons why it might be a right choice.

Have you made an expensive booking?

When you book a budget flight, you probably do not need insurance for delays and cancellations as you can easily buy another low cost flight if you have to. However, if you have booked an all-inclusive trip, it is probably a good idea to have insurance.Travel cancellation insurance would reimburse your unused bookings. In addition, in case you have to leave your trip due to an emergency, you will be refunded if you have a trip interruption policy. What goes hand in hand with this policy is baggage and personal items coverage. Lost, stolen ordamaged luggage and property happens far more often than you think.

Leaving on a high-risk trip?

If your plan includes activities such as skiing or bungee jumping, that could cause you some serious injuries (even if you are good at it), then you should have an insurance plan to cover you. You will be able to get an appropriate medical treatment or evacuation if needed. Imagine the costs if you do not have one. Health coverage is probably the most popular reason why people get travel insurance at all.

Is It Worth It?

It can be called a gamble as you do not want to regret not buying it and also you do not want to pay something you will not need. Try to follow the simple rule to get one when traveling out of the country and your health insurance does not cover emergencies abroad or if you have a larger portion of your trip nonrefundable. To get you going, try using the insurance comparison site Insuremytrip and see if you can find something suitable to your needs. For frequent travelers, a good choice is also a permanent cover that you can use on any of your trips.


Manigo Team, May 2017


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