Have you ever cruised?

When we imagine vacation, we think of relaxation, and there are so many options to choose from. However, making plans is what can be stressful as we aim for an ideal holiday. So many questions are in front of us, where to go, what to do, and how to get there.

Booking a cruise will put you at ease straight away once you see the inclusive offer. Cruising gives you so many great benefits and is for a reason an increasingly popular vacation choice. It is perfect for individuals and families who want the best value for their money and to get the best vacation experience.

If you have not considered it before as your vacation option, you inevitably will after you hear what a great deal a floating resort can be.

Almost everything is included in the price

You truly get real value for your money as once you pay for your cruise you don’t have to spend any more money (unless you want to). When booking, you will see that your basic cruise fare includes your accommodation, unlimited food, daily activities, entertainment, and transportation from the airport. It is an optional thing if you want to use Spa, play in the Casino, drink in the Disco, buy something in the duty-free shops or use wifi and spend a few extra bucks. With major cruise lines, you can also expect to get an offer with bonus onboard credits, drink packages, and other free stuff. If you are still uncertain, add up all the costs of your desired land-based resort and compare. You will be surprised what a price difference it is for much less planning hassle.

You get to see and enjoy more

The best thing about embarking on a cruise ship adventure is the destinations also known as ports of call. Your cruiser will take you port to port every day, allowing you to explore more than you could have imagined.  Just unpack and wake up every morning at a new destination ready to go off the ship and explore. You can do so much in just a few days, snorkeling, explore ancient ruins, relax on the beach, do some shopping or enjoy amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Food, pampering, and activities

A lot of people will choose a cruise vacation because of the perfect combination of food, pampering, and activities. Most cruise liners offer you unlimited access to great diverse food 24 hours a day. The best thing is that it is all included in your price, and you just have to decide if you want pizza, burger, Mexican or maybe Chinese food. Most of the newest 2.0 ships will also have a Steakhouse onboard. It will give you a unique dining and service experience and cost you a few bucks. Besides, pampering, it is so easy to get used to it on the ship. Parents can enjoy a relaxing day of massage, hot tubs, and sunbaths, and the kids can spend a day of running, jumping, swimming and playing while being taken care of by qualified people. Alternatively, you can also choose to enjoy the time as a family, daytime activities, lectures, children’s clubs, multiple pools and film screenings, impressive water parks, zip lines and rock climbing walls.
You choose what you want it to be

Finally, the most fantastic thing about cruising is that you are the creator of every day and you decide what it is going to be. A day filled with offshore excursions and exploring mixed with some beach time, an evening filled with entertainment or casino fun or just a lazy day by the pool with a drink or two by the seaside theater– it is all up to you. You can do as much or as little of everything as you want and make your vacation just as you wanted it to be.

Written by your former cruise ship host Elma. 😉

Manigo Team, May 2017


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