5 tips on how to include vacation time in your business trip

Travelling is an amazing sport – we all know that. It does not matter if you are travelling to a country you have been to many times before, it is still a new experience you are looking forward to. Travelling for pleasure is always great. However,  frequent and short business trips can become tiresome and time consuming after a while.

Instead of being down and moody about another business trip, we suggest some great ideas how to mix up business travel with some pleasure.

  1. Stay a little longer

This may sound contradictory to the fact that business trips can be time-consuming, but hear us out. Business trips can be boring only if you are going from meetings to your hotel room and not using a chance to explore the city you are in. If your boss is okay with that, ask to stay two extra days. And if you are lucky enough to catch the weekend, you may even stay longer. You will be surprised how embracing your manager might be about this idea. Especially if travelling for work is part of your routine. Yes, you pay a few extra bucks for the hotel, but you get to enjoy the joys of the city you are in.

There you go, a mini holiday after working time. If you are already there, why not enjoy it?

  1. Choose the right hotel

Most hotels and resorts offer a lot more than just a room to sleep in and breakfast on your way out. Some have spas, indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, gyms and a lot more to offer. After coming back from a long day of meetings, you have the chance to enjoy and relax when you come back to your hotel even if it is late in the evening. If your hotel does not offer these facilities, check out other hotels in your area. Chances are that they will have them and that they offer daily passes to guests who are not staying in their hotel.

  1. Explore the city

If you have some free time after work, then use it wisely and explore the area. After a long working day it is probably tempting to go to your hotel room and sleep. However, if you are already in a great city leave sleeping for when you get home. If you are in Paris for example, why would you want to be in your room when you could be observing the city from the Eiffel Tower.

Make the best out of the situation you are in and transform your business trip into a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

  1. Catch up with some old friends

If by any chance you have an old friend nearby, don’t miss the opportunity to see them. Talk to your boss in order to go a day earlier or stay a day longer to catch up with an old friend. If they live a little further from the place you are staying at, that extra day will do you good so you can go and visit them with no rush. Another great thing about having friends who live in another city is that they will show you the city from a whole new perspective. You get to experience the city in a way that locals do.

  1. Bring your family

In case you are travelling to an interesting destination your family might want to visit, think about bringing them along. Of course, you will have to pay the additional cost but you can have a mini vacation with your family combined with a business trip. While you are working, they can be exploring the city and when you are done for the day, you get to enjoy your time with them. If your boss is okay with this, be sure not to miss it.

Do not be one of those business travelers who only see the airport, back of the cab and the hotel room. Make the best out of the situation you are in, and have a great time even though you are there for work. Hopefully these tips will help you on your next trip.

What are your tips for enjoying business trips?

Manigo Team, May 2017





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