Celebrate with the Dutch

When: April 27, 2017
Where: Throughout the Netherlands & all around Amsterdam

About the festival

King’s Day or as the Dutch say “Koningsdag” is the annual Dutch national holiday in honor of King Willem-Alexander. On April 27, 2013, Holland welcomed its first male monarch since 1890 and up until then was celebrating Queens’s day on April 30th. Therefore, what it meant was changes for the celebration, including the fact that Queen’s Day will have a new name and the date. On King’s Day, holidays go throughout the Netherlands. However, the most popular destination is Amsterdam where an average of 700.000 people attends the world’s largest street party.

The night before

The Dutch have conveniently implemented the start of the celebration at around midnight the night before, until the sunrise. Amsterdam downtown area is packed at this time, and a lot of partying is going on. However, if you do visit, try to brace yourself, as you will want to be fit for the principal feast the next day.

Real celebration is starting at 6 AM

The morning of the 27th starts early with a big flea market where anyone can sell things on the street without any permit, and anything goes!

Professional street performers are waking up as well as pick-up bands, opera singers, rappers and street discos. There were some large concerts organized as well in the past, but because they were free, they would attract large groups of people to Amsterdam and overcrowd the city. You can still attend one of these but you will either have to go outside the city or pay for those more close to the downtown. Amsterdam canals are also a great help to the city’s crowded streets, which is if the weather serves well. You can see thousands of boats filled with partygoers jam the city’s waterways.

Why orange?

The Dutch flag is composed of red, white and blue colors, but since orange is the color of the royal family, everyone embraces it after a long winter behind. Even the flags are decorated with a mini­-flag of orange.

I am Amsterdam!

It is a holiday celebrated in the entire Netherlands, but indeed, the best party is thrown in Amsterdam. The law in Netherland is very tolerant, there are practically no rules during this day, and police rarely intervene in any of the festivities.

Koningsdag is a must attend festival on any bucket list. Let us know how it was if you find yourself in Netherlands on April 27th.

Manigo Team, April 2017.


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