3 reasons why a mobile wallet is safer than you think

Smartphones have definitely made our lives easier by becoming part of our daily lives and replacing a variety of other devices. Now, in just one device, we have tons of features – from flashlights to great cameras and a lot more. Needless to say, smartphones are a great gift to mankind.

When it comes to it replacing our traditional wallets, however, we do not seem to be so accepting. Even though we have let smartphones hold most of our classified data, some people are still not eager to transfer their most valuable possession to the digital world.

We can all agree that this is totally reasonable, as we work hard for that money and are not ready to give it to the unknown. Exactly there is the crucial thing, we worry about the safety of our online money because we fear the unknown, not the mobile wallet. What we need is more information, a proof that the mobile wallet is secure and that our money is safe.

For some people, transferring to the mobile wallet is not an option, as they love the feel of the traditional. For those who are eager to convert to the digital world, below is some information you might want to know about the safety of your mobile wallet.

Safer than ever

Yes, that is correct. Contactless payment services can offer more security than cash or traditional cards and this is achieved through a process called “tokenization”. When you pay through a contactless payment device, a one one-time random number – a transaction token – is generated for that transaction. When the transaction is over, even if someone knew the number, it is not valid after the transaction anymore. Many payment services such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Android Pay use this process called tokenization. With this, you know that your money is always safe because even though you load your card into the payment app, the actual card number is never shared, as this temporary code is being used instead.

Convenience at point of sale

Some services like Apple Pay let users load multiple cards onto their smartphones, and thus giving them the option to leave their overstuffed wallets and bags at home. This is great, as now someone stealing your money is a much more unlikely scenario.


Yes, please. A great thing about using payment services is that you can earn rewards. Different payment services offer different rewards, however, all are leading to some awesome travel points or cashback. If the card is compatible with the service, you will even continue to receive great points.

Even though a lot of people still struggle with the idea of going online, one is certain – mobile wallets are wallets of the future and come with far more benefits than we ever had.


Manigo Team, March 2017

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