Manigo Travel Gem – Moorea Island

In this week’s Manigo Travel Gem we are presenting you a magical island in French Polynesia, one of the Windward Islands.

Moorea Island is a high island located 17 kilometers northwest of Tahiti and it represents one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The island was formed by a volcano eruption millions of years ago and today is a dream travel destination. It is 10 miles wide from west to east and it has two small bays on the north shore visited by many travelers over the year. The highest point is Mount Tohieva, near the center of the island, and it can be seen from Tahiti. On the mountain, many hiking trails can be found which offer a unique travel experience. Thanks to its peaks and many lagoons, it has a beautiful silhouette visible from Tahiti. The island roughly has a shape of a heart when looked at from above so it is not surprising that it is viewed as a perfect romantic destination.

Moorea is visited by many tourists who travel to French Polynesia and because of its breathtaking scenery, it is a destination they would gladly visit again. Apart from the tourists visiting this gem during cruises and other organized tours, many choose this island as their honeymoon destination.

Moorea Island attracts people with its untouched nature and stunning scenery which offers an unforgettable experience. It possesses the perfect welcoming spirit and a relaxed vibe which makes a stay here amazing.

The island is easily accessible from Papeete by a ferry or a plane and the ride there is not so long as it is very close to Tahiti. It has become one of the favorite destinations for couples and families because it has preserved its natural touch, despite its international popularity.

A glorious landscape that Moorea possesses makes it one of the best islands for adventure, both on land and on the water. It offers a lot of activities suitable for couples, families, and children. Some of the most popular activities include snorkeling and stingray feeding, whale watching and skydiving. For those who feel more comfortable on the ground, car rental is available as well as bike rides. On the mountain and all over the island you can find many hiking routes, suitable for casual walks as well as intense hiking.

Moorea Island offers great accommodation facilities such as overwater bungalows and garden villas. It also has some five-star hotels and some smaller ones or even private guesthouses. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Moorea Island is with a reason one of the most popular locations, offering unforgettable experience, untouched nature and the warm welcoming spirit of the Tahitian lifestyle.

Manigo Team, March 2017

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