3 ways customer service has changed with technology

Keeping customers happy and satisfied has always been the main goal and priority of companies. In the past, this usually meant being pleasant and smiling during an occasional phone call from an upset customer. In the modern world, things look much different and there’s a whole lot more to it than that.

Probably the biggest change in customer service is the number of channels through which customers can reach a business. Their options are wide: email, social media, text message, video call and live chat beside the original phone call.

On top of that, mobile technology has enabled constant connectivity, giving customers 24/7 access to public forums in which they can talk (good or bad) about a certain product, service or company.

Consider the following 3 ways that technology has effectively changed the way organisations approach customer service today.

Customers are in control

Companies know that customers/users are now in control when it comes to public perception of their brand. The internet has become their powerful tool and they are not afraid to use it. People can’t be treated badly anymore, stand in line too long or be on hold forever as this is considered a waste of their time. They will tell the world if they receive bad service or go through a poor customer experience in just a matter of clicks by sharing their experience via a variety of social media sites.

Technology has forced companies to notice these trends and act accordingly.

Customers also have higher expectations when interacting with brands so it is not enough to provide only a “business hours” phone number or an email for customer support: If they reach out to you on Twitter or FB that’s where the issue needs to be solved, right away.

Technology has really given many options and opportunities to companies to focus on providing great customer service as customers are becoming more and more demanding. With technology, however, brands get to meet their expectation in most cases. 

Multiple Channels of Communication Are Opened

Customer experience has been revolutionised with a variety of channels available for customers to get in touch with brands to the point where they actually feel more welcomed to ask questions and receive instant responses.

Most businesses realise they need to focus on customer service and practice websites with live chat, social media customer service presence that their staff monitors routinely for any feedback and questions, use emails as well as traditional phone calls.

These are really many great ways for someone who needs assistance to get in touch a soon as possible.

Tailored approach when responding to customers

Generic responses to customer issues are no longer popular or effective because customers now expect a more tailored approach. If a customer feels cared for they will more likely use the brand or service again and eventually become advocates recommending a certain service or product.

Social media is a great opportunity for brands to connect directly with their customers and demonstrate how seriously they take their issues by responding quickly and with an outstanding service. It is a fact that everyone makes mistakes but what will make a brand stand out from others is the effect when the public can see the brand’s response that shows dedication and care. This means offering a personalised, relevant response to every customer inquiry.

It is really important for brands and companies to invest their time and resources into providing the best possible customer service to their clients, no matter which industry they are in. In a modern technology era, all interactions with customers have the potential to be a long-lasting record of a brand’s performance and an indicator how they treat their customers. It is in the best interest of companies to make that record be a good one.


 Manigo Team, February 2017

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