Manigo Travel Gem – Geiranger

In this week’s Manigo Travel Gem we are presenting you with the wonder of Geiranger, a beautiful village in Sunnmore region of More og Romsdal county in the western part of Norway.

Geiranger has a stunning scenery admired by many all over the world. It has also been named the best travel destination in Scandinavia by Lonely Planet. One of the most popular attractions in Geiranger is the waterfall “Seven Sisters”, located across another waterfall called “The Suitor”.

This is a location visited by many cruise tourists who are more than happy to return over and over again. Geiranger offers breathtaking mountains with beautiful waterfalls, gorgeous untouched nature and an adorable village with restaurants and hotels. Another beautiful attraction that brings a special kind of charm to this hidden gem is Geiranger Church which is the main church of the village and the surrounding area.

Several hundred thousand people pass through every summer, and tourism is the main business for the 250 people that live there. Beside cruise passengers, there are over ten camping sites that bring visitors from many parts of the world. The tourist season lasts from May to early September. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, exploring the mountains and learning about the village from locals, tourists have the opportunity to visit the nearby historic farms of Knivsfla and Skagefla. Both are beautiful abandoned mountain farms with amazing views and history.

Each year in June, the Geiranger – From Fjord to Summit event is organised. It includes a half marathon and a bicycle race. It starts from the sea level at the fjord and ends at the summit of Mount Dalsnibba, near the lake Djupvatnet. It is the perfect opportunity for everyone to explore the beautiful scenery of Geiranger and enjoy the breathtaking views. At this time of the year, a lot of snow is left in the mountains so the race is also called “From Summer to Winter”.

Whenever you have the chance, make sure to stop and visit this gorgeous hidden gem in Norway. It is an unforgettable experience, a place to rest your mind and soul and fill up your batteries.

Manigo Team, February 2017

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