Let technology increase your employee’s productivity

A few decades ago business was done very differently. There were neither internet nor e-mails, smartphones or mobile marketing. With innovation in technology, communication nowadays is brought to an instantaneous level and a large amount of information is moving through internet and e-mails as a dominant tool for business owners and employees.

If you apply it properly, technology can increase your business productivity in a great way just by using the devices you already own. Although technology provides endless productivity possibilities, below are a few simple and affordable ideas to consider incorporating into your daily routine to accomplish big results with your employees.

Do you have the right level of IT support?

You should keep your employees always focused on the job you have hired them for. Therefore hiring an outsourced IT service provider means a great deal to proactively manage your IT infrastructure. Find a partner that fits your requirements and offers solutions according to your needs.

Give your employees power of access to information

Instead of losing countless hours browsing through data sets stored in large spreadsheets, invest in a file storage system that will enable your staff to easily access the information they need. Your employees, even if they are travelling or working from home, can stay productive and up-to-date by using a cloud-based storage provider. Also, make sure your “traveller” employees are well equipped with the right mobile devices and support solutions to keep them connected.

Give them an option to choose their workspace

Innovative technologies have made it easier to telecommute than ever before so a lot of companies and small businesses are giving their employees the option to work offsite. That allows the companies to save money on the operating cost required to maintain an office. This approach has shown significant positive approval rates and productivity increases with employees.

Make To do list” and “Note taking” apps their best friends

These apps are a great organising and focusing tool for all employees once they get into a habit of using them. They give a clear focus and help record and access important information easily.

Just a few suggestions to get you going: Google Tasks is an extension of your Google account; Wunderlist and Remember the Milk are handy to-do list apps. GoogleKeep, OneNote and Evernote are a great note taking tools.

Let technology help your productivity but not distract you!

Yes, technology has endless benefits, probably hundreds and hundreds more than we mentioned in this article. But it can also turn the game around and sidetrack even the most focused ones among us.

Technology and apps are amazing for managing your tasks, to-do lists and your workflow, but don’t forget to put the device down and get the work actually done as well.

Manigo Team, February 2017

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