The importance of bill splitting apps

When you are out with your friends, enjoying lunch and having a good time, nothing should come in between to spoil the fun. Most of the times, when the check arrives, things can get a little bit complicated: You do not want to owe anyone, and you do not want to overpay, you need to have the exact amount, plus the tip. Who on earth has time to do all the maths when we are all enjoying ourselves (and after some of us had a couple of Bloody Maries)?
Things get even more complicated when you share the costs for rent or bills with your roommates. It is pretty unpleasant asking a roommate for money, because sometimes they forget or they are too busy to think about it. This can create some serious problems.

It would be amazing to not have to ask for money from people but to have someone do all that for you – split the check, divide the rent and remind someone that they owe you money. Good news, the solution is here! Thanks to technology and those amazing apps we all love, now we don’t have to do anything but download an app and let it do the rest. No more awkward situations when it comes to splitting the tab or paying the rent.

Most of these apps are available for free, some cost a euro or two, which is nothing compared to how much hassle it takes away from us. Here are our top 3 splitting bills apps.1.

1. Tilt: Easily Collect Money From A Group

With Tilt you can start collecting money from a group in no time. All you have to do is set the minimum amount you need in order to make something happen, share the information with others through built-in sharing tools. Everyone in the group can pay from their credit or debit card while all of their information and money are safe. You can keep track of everyone who has paid and send reminders to those who have not, and there you go. Money can be withdrawn in 1-2 business days once you reach the minimum amount.

Tilt is a great app that has zero risk, saves you time, you raise more to accomplish your goals, fees are very small, you can access guest lists very easily and it is safe and secure.

2. Splitwise: Split expenses with friends

Splitwise is a great app that takes the trouble out of sharing expenses with friends, roommates and everyone else. It does all the math for you because it keeps a running total over time, so you can pay each other back in one big payment instead of a bunch of small ones. It is all organised in one place so everyone can see who they owe money to. No matter if you are sharing a lunch with a friend, paying rent with your roommate or going on a ski trip, there is no more need to worry about money because Splitwise will do all the work for you fair and square.

3. Splittable: Shared living made simple

Splittable is an app designed to save you from those awkward conversations about money and the stress it causes. With Splittable financial tension is reduced to a minimum. It helps you get paid back quicker by making it easy to split bills, track household expenses and manage shared expenses. You can track everything and see who owes you what and instantly check who should pay for the next thing. With Splittable, bring clarity to your household spending and avoid arguments with the people you love.

For splitting costs, there’s nothing more to do but pick an app and download it. Not only has technology changed the way we live and transfer data, but also the way we pay and communicate with our friends.

Manigo Team, February 2017

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