Work and Travel: 3 ideas how to make money while on the road

I believe we have all asked ourselves once or twice “Wouldn’t it be great if I could travel the world and make money at the same time?”. This might especially occur when you sit in your office doing your daily routine. While browsing you bump into an article or a blogger online who has travelled more than you can imagine and is making money while doing so.

You can’t help but think – Is this real?!

The truth is – Yes it is!

You can travel around the globe, explore all those magical places, meet new people and cultures and still make decent money on the way. In the era of new technologies and social media, the game has actually changed to this point. Therefore, if you are thinking about it, forget the traditional way and let go of any reservations you might have.

Here are three excellent ideas on how to fund you travels:

Vlog & Blog

Probably the most popular way of earning some cash online is simply by writing or recording your travels. You will have to use your creativity to stand out from others and write about stuff people are looking for; your posts need to be well-written, helpful, and relevant for your audience.

Where do you advertise your vlog?

It is not a secret that you can make money on YouTube. If you are interesting enough you could have hundreds of subscribers supporting you within a short period of time.

Use the power of social media – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more – to start marketing your YouTube channel.

As far as your blog goes, if you are writing about interesting and actual stuff and show a great amount of diversity in your blogs, you can find a travel network to advertise your blog, and you could be getting a lot of traffic within just a few weeks from your start. Also, joining Google plus communities can be extremely helpful. It is a good source to find how others are doing on a related topic and maybe pick up some new ideas for your own blog/vlog. G+ Communities.

Also, here are some really cool ideas on how to promote your blog and be good at writing them: Blogging step by step

Photography and social media

You are taking loads of pictures anyway, why not get paid for it?

Try out sites like iStock,  Shutterstock, and Getty Images . All you have to do is upload your photos and let brands, individuals and business contact you if they want to buy them. Again, this is where your creativity comes in; hopefully you have a good eye and a camera ready for a good photo when you see it.

You can also try the app Foap where brands and businesses post assignments for specific countries/cities so you can look for your destination, make some photos and upload them directly to the app. Fingers crossed they like what you do.

Become a Freelance writer or Virtual assistant

Freelance writer and virtual assistant are two online jobs you can easily combine.

With a decent knowledge of English and some patience for research, you can find a lot of businesses who outsource content for their websites. On this site Freelance jobs, you can find most popular freelance sites and maybe join one. They will be looking for a reliable person to write for them on a regular basis. It is a fun way to make money and you could be writing just about anything: tech tutorials, medical research, product reviews, and even creative writing.

If you add virtual assisting to it, you could be making some serious money. You would be helping a business online to run as smooth as possible. Some businesses will hire you for one project while others might have you there permanently. Your duties might go from research to replying emails and collecting data. Check out some websites offering this kind of jobs and see if there is anything in there for you. Virtual assistant jobs

If none of this really works for you and you really want to stay longer at your vacation destination, consider taking on a local job, in a resort or a hotel.

Enjoy your vacations wherever you go!

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