Solo travel tips

We are used to travelling and sharing beautiful moments with friends and loved ones but if you do choose to travel alone, don’t be afraid of loneliness. Most of the times travelling solo is as social as it gets.

You have the opportunity to meet other travellers, locals, and become more spontaneous and open up to others, compared to travelling with a companion.

There are few tips on how to plan your solo trip and stay social:

  1. Travel by train: You will have the opportunity to meet and socialise with other people in the dining area or bars.
  1. Stay at Hostels, they are a great place to meet other travellers like you, known for being naturally more social than hotels.
  1. Hire local tour guides, explore the place and meet locals. Who is better suited to show you around than a local?
  1. Visit restaurants and coffee shops with communal tables – what a great way to communicate, meet new people and not eat alone. It will also help you to loosen up and learn how to talk to strangers.
  1. Enjoy the nights out, visit pubs and clubs, it has its advantages and just as you are home, it’s so easy to interact, meet new people and have fun.
  1. If your trip will last longer, take advantage of going to the same stores, restaurants, bars – people will definitely notice you and that’s your opportunity to make local friends.

We are wishing you Bon Voyage, regardless if you are travelling alone or with a larger group!

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