3 ways technology is changing the way we travel

Holidays have always been the best time of the year. When the travel season comes, everyone is packing their bags, hotels are being booked, the airports are full and laughter and happiness is everywhere. It’s the time when people get the chance to get away from their jobs, change their environment and relax for the next couple of days. Suitcases are packed with great joy, knowing that their carefree vacation is ahead.

But often, things do not go as planned. You finally have the time to get away and visit that place you have always wanted, but the prices are outrageous, you can’t find an affordable flight and accommodation. All of a sudden, what was supposed to be a carefree vacation turns into a real problem.
Well, not anymore. Technology has incorporated itself into the travel industry and made travel more enjoyable than ever.

  1. Accommodation

 Don’t you just hate it when you have to go through thousands of brochures to find the perfect place for you to stay? We know we do. Even when you find that right place, you have to call the hotel, book a room and hope that you will get what you have seen in the brochure. Not so rarely, the prices change once you get to the hotel, and must pay more than what you bargained for, sometimes even the rooms are not available anymore. This is definitely not the way you want to start your perfect trip.

Thanks to technology, now we have thousands of sites and apps created to help us find the perfect place for us to stay, with all the prices in one place, photos of the rooms and the best feature of all – comments from previous travelers so we can be sure that we are getting what we are hoping for.

Here are some of the best apps which will help you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

This is definitely one of the best places to find and book a room…house, yacht, island? You probably did not know that Airbnb can help you find an island you can rent for you and your friends at an affordable price. The options are endless; you can even find celebrity houses to stay at. Who wouldn’t want to stay at Charlie Chaplin’s house? Now, that’s a vacation!

Airbnb offers a unique travel experience. Sometimes, locals are renting a room and you get to stay with them and find out everything about a city you are in. This is an experience you can’t get with a travel guide or by exploring a city by yourself.

With so many options it is surprising that in most cases, renting an apartment through Airbnb is much cheaper that renting a hotel room. Unbelievable, but that’s the way it is.

And of course, the reviews. For each place you find you can read the comments, and see if others have been satisfied with the accommodation so you know what to expect. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Almost too good to be true, but it is!

If you are more of a hotel person, this is the perfect place for you to find what you have been looking for. is tailored to your needs. All you have to do is place the date, price range, and city and you will be presented with great offers. There is no more need to go through thousands of sites to find the right hotel, does the job for you. Once you decide on the hotel, you can book it and read the reviews so you are certain that you are in for a great vacation.

  1. Travel Tips

Once you have settled into your desired accommodation, it’s time to explore the city. But, going around by yourself and not knowing the surroundings, you have a great chance of getting lost, or going to a bad restaurant because you just did not know.
Technology helps out once again. With great apps like TripAdvisor, Foursquare and Google Maps you are sure to find the best places and the right way to get there.

Trip Advisor is an American travel website company providing reviews of travel-related content. This is a great place to read honest reviews about restaurants and bars you want to visit, museums and all other historical sites of the city you are in. Once you enable your location on Trip Advisor you will be presented with awesome suggestions of the places you should visit and will see the reviews from people who have already been there. You will also see the prices for museums, different fun activities, restaurants and everything else you want to visit. With this app, you can plan your trip and make sure that you will visit everything there is to see in the city.

Foursquare helps you find the perfect places to go with friends and discover the best food, nightlife, and entertainment in your area.
Another great app with awesome tips and reviews to make sure your vacation is the best one ever.

This app most of us already use on a daily basis, it is nevertheless definitely worth mentioning as you will be sure to never get lost with it in an unknown city. With Google Maps you will get to the desired destination in no time. There is no more need to drift around and waste valuable time.

  1. Communication

Once you are on the go, you want to keep in touch with you friends and family back home. In the past, however, you did not have many options. Of course, there was a phone call whilst in roaming, but you really do not want to pay for the phone bill more than you pay for the hotel room.

Technology has provided a ton of solutions for this. Where to start? Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, Telegram, Facebook Call? All you have to do is choose and talk to your loved ones for free. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection which you have in the rented apartments, rooms or in the restaurants you visit.

And one last thing, do not forget to stop along the way and share on Instagram those amazing travel treasures you find. It’s the perfect way for your friends to enjoy the vacation with you.

From all of us at Manigo – we wish you a great vacation!

Manigo Team, February 2017

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