Business-Travel Productivity Tools

If you’re lucky enough to be one of those who travel and work at the same time, here are a few tips to keep yourself and your team productive and organised even from the distance.


Rather than booking a car rental, use very popular Uber and similar companies’ services. This way of transportation is expanding around the globe, Didi Chuxing if you are travelling to China, Takkun in Tokio or 99Taxis in Brazil and Europe.

All of these apps are simple to use, your taxi reaches you within a couple of minutes and you don’t need to worry where to park or if your rented car is safe.

Your Smartphone is your best friend

It is probably the most important tool on your work journeys; it helps you navigate through the most basic things but also keep your important projects up to date and flawless. It is also the best way to keep in touch with your team or business partners.


With Slack, you can stay perfectly organised, catch up on all the important topics while you are travelling and avoid endless email threads. Once you have everything segmented into channels according to topics and teams, all you need to do is scroll through and keep yourself updated at your own convenience.


This is a great way to store and share all working materials and documents in one place and have them available for the whole team. With Dropbox, even if you are miles away from your colleagues, you can participate in creating whatever the focus is on at that moment.


Everyone is familiar with Skype, it is a probably one of the essentials for fast and affordable communication with your team or business partners. A quick Skype call without high international rates is just a click away.

One-click video conversations with text chat and screen sharing for up to 8 people for free. Great way to keep track and communicate with your team on the go.

Manigo Team, February 2017

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